Ovarian Cancer Survival Rate – Know Your Chances

People have always wondered about the truth behind cancer survival statistics. If somebody researched about ovarian cancer survival rate over the internet, most information that would be seen is always the negative aspect rather than positive ones. In today’s modern researches about cancer of the ovary, its states that 50 percent of women infected with this type of cancer have lived beyond 5 years. Another reference would say that the possibility of cure of this malignant disease is not as positive as others when we refer to it to the survival statistics of cancer.

The real truth in ovarian cancer survival rate is that every woman who have been diagnosed in the early stages of this type of cancer, have a splendid ovarian cancer survival rate of 90 percent. Most information sites when searched on the internet would only provide the latter stages of the disease wherein the survival rate is already pretty slim.

A woman can join the percentage of women who have been enjoying the success in being treated of this dreaded disease. A woman should not wait until a symptom of this kind of cancer to show up; she should at least have a regular check up with an ob gynaecologist to check on her well – being. The symptoms of this type of cancer are mostly associated with blood in the urine, abdominal pains and uncomfortable sex. Though these conditions can be categorized as symptoms of other type of disease, one must be proactive in terms of her health. If a woman sees signs of ovarian cancer, she must immediately seek the help of a specialist. Early detection will help a lot to increase the survival rate of any cancer. A chance to undergo medications immediately might be a huge chance of survival.

The best option for women who have a family history of cancer of the ovary is to have a periodic ovarian cancer screening. This is whether she has symptoms or not. But one must bear in mind that the screening for this type of cancer is not entirely perfect. Some patients with this disease are not diagnosed positive with it immediately even with the advancements in modern technology. However a woman shouldn’t take ovarian screening for granted, for this might be the key to increasing her ovarian cancer survival rate.

The final say is that there is hope for anyone who suffers from this type of cancer. The very key to improving one’s ovarian cancer survival rate is early detection and diagnosis. One shouldn’t be afraid to go to the doctor to see about her well – being. Preventive measures and being pro active is the key to survival in any types of cancer.